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2013 All Pony Prize List (see Events page for entry form)
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Nomination Forms

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Thelwell Nomination Form

Registered NJ Bred Ponies of Other Breeds Nomination Form

Registered Non-NJ Pony or Miniature Division Nomination Form

Non-Racing Breeders Awards Nomination Form for: NJ-Bred Shetland, AMHR Miniatures, Welsh, American Crossbred, Hackey Ponies


All Pony Show Forms can be found on the Events page.

The American Crossbred Pony Registry       

The American Crossbred Pony Registry is a NATIONAL registry.  Ponies do not have to be bred in New Jersey to be registered nor must an owner live in New Jersey or be a member of NJPBO.  To qualify to be registered, either sire or dam must be a pony.  Sire must be registered (does not have to be a registered purebred).


Crossbreed Registration Form
Crossbred Transfer Form
NJ Bred Lease Form

Certificates are issued by the American Crossbred Pony Registry
under authority of The New Jersey Pony Breeders & Owners, Inc.